taleamor park

Taleamor Park hosts self-directed residencies and retreats for artists, writers, scientists, and humanists. We welcome applications from those who are seeking a creative and contemplative environment free of distractions in which to begin, continue, and/or complete an artistic, personal, or scholarly project or from those with no specific product-oriented project in mind other than to simply relax, walk, and dream.

Tal•e•a•mor is an invented word. “Talea” is a cutting for the propagation of a plant. “Tale” implies story. “Amor” is love. Searching for “taleamor” on the internet found the opening words of Leonora's aria in Verdi’s opera Il Trovatore: "Di tale amor che dirsi mal può dalla parola..." — a love that can scarcely be put into words.

We particularly welcome those who wish to integrate their projects with learning about and interacting with the local ecology, culture, and community. Residents must be 21 or older.

Residents may be artists, whether writers or poets, playwrights or painters, sculptors or architects, dancers or craftspersons, photographers or video filmmakers, composers or musicians, web or landscape designers, installation or performance artists.

Scholars are welcome from any field, whether in literature or ecology, peace studies or art history, philosophy or environmental studies, public policy or horticulture, women’s studies or anthropology, biology or ethnic studies.

Situated in the heart of LaPrairie Farms, a 375-acre working farm, Taleamor Park lies between the towns of LaPorte and Rolling Prairie in northern Indiana. Lake Michigan, South Bend, and Notre Dame are close, and downtown Chicago is about an hour and a half away by car or commuter rail.

The 2017 schedule and tiered pricing structure

Self-directed residencies at Taleamor Park are scheduled from May through the end of October.

From November through April, Taleamor Park accepts applications for flexibly-scheduled retreats, with a fourteen-night minimum.

For inquiries regarding customized retreats or residencies of other lengths and times throughout the year, please contact us.

Before completing an application, please read the Taleamor Park residency guidelines, which have been carefully designed to ensure a positive experience for all.

Application instructions can be found on the application page.

Clifford and Lisa Lee Peterson share the artistic, administrative, and practical responsibilities of Taleamor Park.

Clifford has lived on the farm that is now home to Taleamor Park since 1950. With degrees from Harvard in visual studies, Notre Dame in environic design, and the University of Chicago in cultural anthropology, Clifford is Taleamor Park’s resident scholar, artist, and farmer visionary. All images on this site are Clifford's unless otherwise noted.

In 2015, Lisa retired after thirty years at Purdue University where she was professor of textile arts, served as art department chair, and developed and directed the MFA program. Lisa’s artistic genre has evolved from weaving cloth with threads to weaving tales with words. Lisa is the webmaster for this site.