blue flag iris encircling the small north pond

blue flag iris encircling the small north pond

Before completing an application, please review the Taleamor Park residency guidelines. Taleamor Park is a small residency with no more than four or five residents at any one time, and the guidelines have been carefully designed to ensure a positive experience for all.

To apply:
1) Open the Taleamor Park Application. 2) Download the application onto your computer. 3) Re-open the downloaded application with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 4) Do NOT use your browser or Preview to fill out the application. 5) In Adobe Acrobat, complete pages 1 and 2, and then either page 3a, 3b, or 3c. 6) Save the completed application as a PDF with your surname as part of the filename. 7) E-mail the completed application and supporting materials to Taleamor Park. 

Alternatively, you may print out the application, fill it in by hand, and snail mail it to us. Any hardcopies of supporting materials that are mailed to us will NOT be returned.

writing in the paper studio

writing in the paper studio


2019 calendar and fees

Self-directed two-week residencies are scheduled from May through September. At the end of each two-week session during the scheduled residency season, the local community is invited to Taleamor Park for an afternoon of informal artist and writer presentations.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so early submission is encouraged. Summer months especially tend to fill early. Preference is given to applications received six weeks or more before the start of the proposed residency, but all applications will be considered if space is available. Contact us regarding availability if applying less than six weeks before the month of your residency.  

To apply for a residency during the regularly scheduled season, May through September, complete pages 1, 2, and 3a of the Taleamor Park Application.


The preferential due date for assistantship applications for 2019 is March 12. Assistantship applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and positions fill quickly. Early application is highly recommended. However, those seeking an assistantship may apply at any time for the assistantship wait list or for a tiered-fee residency.

Taleamor Park offers six assistantships during the scheduled residency season, one each two-week session, May through September. Assistants have the opportunity to participate in residency development and maintenance by contributing work in exchange for residency fees. An assistant contributes twelve to fifteen hours of work each week. Taleamor Park especially seeks applicants who have experience and skills in building maintenance and construction, gardening and groundskeeping, and park planning and construction.

Assistants pay a $100 non-refundable confirmation deposit and are responsible for the cost and preparation of their own meals. 

To apply for an assistantship during the regularly scheduled season, May through September, complete pages 1, 2, and 3b of the Taleamor Park Application.


Taleamor Park accepts applications at any time for flexibly-scheduled retreats from October through April. The minimum retreat length is fourteen nights. Preference will be given to applications received six weeks or more before the start of a retreat. Off-season retreats of thirty nights or more are not subject to state and local taxes.

There may be as few as one and as many as four residents during the off season. Taleamor Park hosts live in a loft in an adjacent barn all year. If being the only resident is a concern, this is an opportunity to organize a small group retreat of two to five persons. In case of snow or ice, the residents assist in maintaining a clear path from the back door of the farmhouse to the plowed driveway.

Assistantships are not available during the off-season, October through April. However, tiered-fee residencies are offered at reduced off-season rates. 

To apply for an off-season retreat during the months of October through April, complete pages 1, 2, and 3c of the Taleamor Park application.


Contact us for further information regarding in-season or off-season residencies or for inquiries regarding customized retreats of other lengths and times throughout the year.