My first residency is complete! Thank you for the space, for the company, for the time to explore, and for letting me work in the space between definitions. One of my fellow residents said my perfect work is liminal. I’m honored. SB, Massachusetts

Nous avons en beaucoup de plaisir à vous rencontrer, et Laporte restera une etape importante et marquante de notre voyage. Encore merci pour tout! BB, France

Your house is the best ever! It has no walls, and you live in a barn! I love it. AB, France 

Waking up to the sounds of trains over a cornfield within a house full of a special legacy. An ongoing context of an aesthetic mindfulness. Thank you for the comfort, the mutual sharing, the beginning, the connection. KS, New York

All the many stories of you both and Taleamor could not have prepared me for its beauty, for your warmth, for this place of mutual sharing. NR, New York

Thank you for your kindness, your hospitality, and your warm smiles and hugs. Being here at Taleamor Park has been truly unforgettable. My experience was more than I hoped it would be and again I thank you. You have created the perfect place to create and be inspired. CLW, Indiana

You have created an incredibly special place here at Taleamor. Thank you for opening your hearth and home to us, to me—a place to breathe and be! And make art! Qigong, Fictionary, careful listening, hugs!, butterflies, excellent food, community—so many gifts. JF, Minnesota

What a joy to meet you and be here. It is more than a farm, more than art, it is you both and your lovely spirits infusing the space. AC, Louisiana

So glad that fortune and fate came together to bring me to Taleamor Park. My time here has nourished my soul and body. I have truly valued the quiet time to work on my play. A thousand thank yous! LH, California

Thank you for the opportunity to more carefully consider my art while in a peaceful environment surrounded by other inspiring artists. Your generosity made me immediately comfortable in the space and allowed for interesting conversations to develop. I will continue to think about my time at Taleamor when I return home and continue to work on the projects I started here. CW, Rhode Island

I had the most wonderful time here! The most productive time! The best workout I’ve had in ages. For the life of me, it will be the most fun I’ve had with a group of caring, lovely, energetic, supportive, funny, and talented people ever. I will miss you all so very much! Let me know if you ever need help chucking rocks or reading poetry. I’m your guy! TAP, New York

I am thrilled to pioneer a November residency here, arriving for the last days of autumn’s glorious color and leaving amidst the snow. I have learned about farming, found inspiration on the trails among the trees and the wide-open fields, and I have re-tuned my sense of well-being in the world. I leave with more questions than answers (a good sign!), a sense of completion and renewal, and much gratitude for this time. DJ, Pennsylvania


Sandrine Besset & Bertrand Bouyneau, teachers, Annecy, France

Stephanie Brownell, interdisciplinary artist and writer, Boston, Massachusetts

Kelly Burgess, photographer, Arlington, Massachusetts

Allison Campbell, poet & nonfiction writer, New Orleans, Louisiana

Bob Clyatt, sculptor & social practitioner, New York, New York

Robert Falcone and Deborah Meesig, installation artists, Columbus, Ohio

Jennifer Filardo, writer, St Paul, Minnesota

Kyle François, creative writer, Paris, Iowa

Elisabeth Hayward, actor, screenwriter, playwright, Sydney, Australia & Encino, California

Delanie Jenkins, visual artist, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dawn Klingensmith, fiction writer, Chicago, Illinois

Christopher Lowe, fiction writer, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Christina Newhard, poet & children’s book author, Brooklyn, New York

Mallory Pearson, visual artist, Brooklyn, New York

Tyler Allen Penny, poet, performer, educator, Hampton Bays, New York

Adriana Speer, visual artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Adam Stoner, sacred space & interiority, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kenneth Silvestri, homeopathic psychologist, & Natasha Rabin, artist/writer, New York, New York

Cara Lee Wade, photographer, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Chloe Wilwerding, explorations of contemporary spirituality, Providence, Rhode Island

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