I just got some wonderful news and couldn't think of two better people to share my news with: the novel excerpt I read at Taleamor Park has been accepted for publication! Thank you again for believing in my work and for your kindness and support. SA, New York

I cannot thank you enough for having given me the gift of this artist haven in the woods. You have provided all the creature comforts plus your gentle kindness. I will be forever grateful. JCS, New York

You have created a place of magic and I have treasured my time with you. Thank you for your generosity, for sharing the beauty of your lives and for giving me this opportunity to write. ZF, Vermont

These were among the most productive weeks of my life. I’m so grateful for your kindness and generosity. Hope to see you again very soon. ELS, Virginia

I’ve had such a wonderful time here. I only wish my stay was longer! Thank you for everything. I’ve enjoyed our shared meals, tea time, and conversations so much. Thank you for sharing your home and property. It’s been a beautiful place to work and also to rest. LL, Indiana

Thank you for a wonderful stay in Indiana. I’ll remember sunlit afternoons on the patio reading and writing, morning yoga on the deck, taking in the cool air while wandering the cornfields. And also the beach and the great afternoon at the Art Institute. Many good memories and so much productive writing accomplished here. IK, California

First one in, last one out! I enjoyed my visit and will return rested. Thanks for all the wonderful meals and conversations. This month flew by and if there were no residents ahead of me, I think you would have had to kick me out. You two could not have picked a better name for this place. Visiting friends and family is exactly what it felt like. See you again soon. Thanks for everything! TLP, Louisiana

Thank you for an amazing trip—your generosity and kindness knows no bounds. I had a productive, lovely time here and will always remember this time fondly. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. CJ, Georgia

I’ve never felt so attached to a place and it saddens me greatly to leave… This was my first residency abroad, but I doubt that any future experiences will be as enriching as this one. There was so much to discover here; native plants, weird bugs, herons, tall trees, trails, ponds, etc. Rural Indiana is wild and beautiful. You will definitely see me back here as it already feels like home. You two are beautiful human beings, so full of energy and stories to tell! I will treasure all of our dinners and interesting conversations about life, history, art, and love. I can’t thank you enough for everything. GL, Montreal

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to come to Taleamor Park. I will never forget the experiences—the cockleburs, the trench, the potlucks, the wonderful presentation day, and the bonfire afterward. It’s been lovely to have the chance to get to know your farm and you. I wish you all the best. MA, Oregon

I have found my time here both restorative and productive. I loved running the trails in the changing leaves, sawing down branches with Clifford in the afternoons, and playing the giant dictionary game. Thank you for opening your home and making it a place to create. I will remember the magical bonfire that wasn’t and the s’mores that were, but most of all the kindness. Don’t forget to be good. It can be radical. JS, Louisiana

Thank you very much for the wonderful time I spent at Taleamor Park. I was very inspired by the landscape, nature, and the creative atmosphere here. I also very much enjoyed our conversations. I was glad to have such charming and creative fellow residents. I wish you health and many new great seasons at Taleamor Park! KB, Kyiv

2017 taleamor park residents

Sara Alaica, fiction writer, New York, New York & Belgrade, Serbia

Maggie Anderson, writer, Corvallis, Oregon

Kyrylo Bulkin, Kyiv, Ukraine

Jan Charone-Sossin, fiction writer, New Hyde Park, New York

Robert Falcone, installation artist, Columbus, Ohio

Zoe Fowler, fiction/non-fiction writer, Underhill, Vermont & Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Kath Fries, Sydney, Australia

Bianca Hlywa, visual artist, Alberta, Canada & London, UK

Clay Jordan, photographer, Athens, Georgia

Matthew Kennedy, music composer, Tampa, Florida

Iris Kuo, writer, San Francisco, California

Tom LaPann, sculptor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Evan Lavender-Smith, fiction writer, Blacksburg, Virginia

Geneviève Lebleu, visual artist, Montréal, Canada

Laura Lemna, painter, South Bend, Indiana

Jia Lim, painter and documentary filmmaker, Seoul, South Korea

Mi-hee Nahm, painter, Seoul, South Korea

Jun Park, architectural design and mechanical engineer, Seoul, South Korea

Josie Scanlan, writer, Lafayette, Louisiana

Alix Anne Shaw, sculptor/writer, Chicago, Illinois & Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Véronique Tremblay, visual artist, Montréal, Canada

Chelsea Voulgares, fiction writer, Chicago, Illinois

Jono Wright, painter, New York, New York

Manny Yip, painter, Hong Kong, China

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