“Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I have produced so much here at Taleamor, and I’ve really honed my focus and understood my characters more. Thank you for this special slice of time in this special place.” CT, North Carolina

“Honesty and love create our most beautiful spaces. Thank you for being you and for Taleamor Park. It’s hard to go when you feel like you’re leaving home.” SK, Connecticut

“Well, Taleamor. I’ve seen the corn grow, and there’s not as many fireflies anymore. But there’s lots of eggplants and not too many zucchinis. Some things last as long as a lifetime. Memories, friendships, and the personal growth that happens internally. I’m going to miss the chimes, and the tranquility of the studio, and the garden, and fictionary, and the beautiful house, and both of you, and all the you’s that come in and out. This place is magic. I think I will be back. I hope I will be back, and in the meantime, I’ll have you on my mind.” BH, Montréal

“There are no words to express my gratitude for including me in your group of residents. It has been a wonderful place to finally finish some projects that were lingering. It has been satisfying. May the residency grow and expand and reach many others and produce more art to enrich and beautify the world.” AM, Georgia

“I loved my little barn, the studio by the house. It was so comforting working there through the night. All the good lighting felt safe and secure. It was perfect. I needed that amazing sink and slate-topped table. The grounds are stimulating in all their verdant lusciousness.” SS, Oregon

“This month has been incredible. It started with a ride on the ENORMOUS combine, picking the corn. I will miss the calm, the infinite hours I had to work on my things, and the space Taleamor allowed me to take, physically and mentally. It helped so much. I will be back some day! Merci. FSR, Montréal

“This has been quite the experience. Thank you for your support, knowledge, hospitality, and love. I have never experienced a residency before as this was my first, but it was the richest two weeks of my artistic career. I hope to see you sooner than later, perhaps to shovel some snow!” AA, Florida

“Thank you both so much for providing me the opportunity to work on my book in a supportive, beautiful, artistic environment. Taleamor is a special place, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing art that comes from this place. I hope to be here many times in the future. You have built something wonderful here.” KS, Louisiana

“The last two weeks have been so great. Thank you both for creating and sharing such a beautiful space for others. I didn’t know what to expect with coming here, and I am so amazed by and appreciative of the generosity, resources, and love I found here. Thank you again for providing this transformative experience for me and others. I hope to visit again soon!” SW, Wisconsin

2016 Taleamor Park Residents

Bianca Hlywa, visual artist, Montréal, Canada
Isobel Rae, visual artist/photographer, Vancouver, Canada
Colleen Stockmann, visual artist/art historian, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stephanie Carpenter, writer, Hancock, Michigan
Stacey Kolbig, visual artist/multi-media, New Fairfield, Connecticut
Caitlin Taylor, writer, Wilmington, North Carolina
Christopher Linforth, writer, Boise, Idaho & Coventry, England
MJ Neuberger, visual artist, Carrboro, North Carolina
Sal Strom, visual artist, Tigard, Oregon
Mehrunisa Reimoo, fiber artist, Karachi, Pakistan
Amina Mcintyre, playwright, Atlanta, Georgia
Yuanqing Zhao, visual artist/designer, Hangzhou, China
Florencia Sosa Rey, visual artist, Montréal, Canada
Jenny Lederer, writer/photographer, New York, New York
Carol Block, visual artist, Michigan City, Indiana
Sara Willadsen, visual artist, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin
Kari Shemwell, fiction writer, New Orleans, Louisiana
Anthony Anaya, visual artist, Miami, Florida


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